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The most intuitive and comprehensive ACT, SAT & GED test preparation and college admissions system available, built with student input and your needs in mind. It's here whenever and wherever you want, no registration required!

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Study everything or just what you need with the highest quality practice tests anywhere. Video solutions presented by a test prep expert help you understand mistakes and missed questions.

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Find in-depth educational consulting guides on our Resources Page and targeted articles on our Blog. With pieces on everything from test-taking strategy to the college application process, we have you covered.

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Focus on your weak areas of the ACT, SAT and GED with vocabulary, math and grammar flashcards. Precise alignment to the tests and helpful hints make it easy to learn key information quickly.

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College Essay Collection

Improve your chances for college admission and scholarships by checking out over 1500 essays, all of them actually written and used by successful applicants.

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We are committed to helping all students and parents take the mystery out of college admissions and test preparation. Connect with us on one of our social networks and with our Email updates.

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You are here because you are looking for help with test preparation and college admissions - you have ambitious goals and don't have any time to waste.

You have looked elsewhere and found boring, one-size-fits-all lectures.

You have found practice tests that don't replicate the real thing and answer explanations that don't make sense.

You have searched for quality advice on test-taking strategies and the college admissions process, only to become more confused than when you started.

Look no further. offers a comprehensive system to guide you through exactly what you need with ACT, SAT and GED test preparation and the college admissions process. We have spent the past four years creating the highest quality practice test questions with video explanations, the most helpful flashcards and study guides, and the best articles on college admissions and ACT, SAT and GED test preparation available anywhere. You can now take complete control of your ACT prep, SAT prep and GED prep process. You have no more excuses because all the sample questions, flashcards and articles are totally free, accessible by anyone, and fun and easy to use.

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