We have tried to answer many of the questions you may have here in the FAQ. Please take the time to look through these answers if you are having any issues using our services. If you do not see an answer to your question, or are having an issue not mentioned here, please take the time to visit the Contact page and let us know about it. We will work hard to take care of any issues and hope that all users can fully benefit from the tools at

Q Why am I having trouble viewing some of the content on this website?
A This website has been built with some of today's best technology. If you are using an out-of-date browser, like Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or 8, you may need to update. If you are unable to update, we suggest installing Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser as these use today's modern technologies. is best used on computers, laptops and tablets. It is not ideal for cell phones and mobile platforms.
Q I took a practice test, now what?
A Numbered boxes for the questions you missed will come up. Click on the question number you would like to review and an answer screen with a video tutorial will popup. Click the background screen when you are done so you can review more answers.
Q The video on my answer popup is not working. What do I do?
A You may be using an incompatible browser or tablet. Please look at the link directly under the video that says "Click here to open window", and it will take you directly to Youtube.
Q What does it mean when a question says "refer to a passage"?
A There will be a link for Passage 1 and/or Passage 2. You click this link for more information you need in order to answer the question. You can click it again to hide the passage and continue with the test.
Q How do I use the flashcards?
A You first choose the subject you wish to study. Then look at the card to see what you need to answer. You can click on "Click for Hint" to view a hint for that card. Then flip the card over to check your answer. Then move on to the next card.
Q How are the colleges listed on the Essay Collection?
A They are listed alphabetically. For the vast majority of listings, we put them alphabetically without the word "College" or "University" included. If you are still having trouble finding an essay for a college, we may not have ones for that particular school, or you can look at the answer to the next question.
Q I can't find what I need on the website. What should I do?
A Use the Google Site Search feature at the top right of every single page of the site. Type in the keywords for what you want, and it will give you a list of results.
Q How can I let you know about a problem I've found?
A Please visit the Contact page or email us directly at
Q Who made all of these materials?
A The creator of the site is Brian Stewart, an educational consultant and professional tutor in Columbus, Ohio. He has worked with thousands of students to help them improve their ACT scores by as many as 10 points and their SAT scores as many as 330 points. His students have scored as high as 2400 on the SAT and 36 on the ACT. Brian has personally scored an SAT composite of 2400 and an ACT composite of 35. In addition to his test preparation background, Brian taught a variety of AP, IB, History and Philosophy courses for 7 years at a National Blue Ribbon High School. Brian received his A.B. in Philosophy from Princeton University and his M.Ed. from The Ohio State University. You can learn more about Brian's private tutoring, ACT and SAT test preparation classes and educational consulting services at
Q How and why do you make this site free?
A We do not believe that high quality test preparation should be limited to only those who can afford to pay thousands of dollars to private tutors and educational consultants. This site allows anyone in the world who is willing to work hard the opportunity to have access to instruction and resources previously limited to the very wealthy. We hope that our site can do much to end the educational achievement gap that impoverished students and many ethnic minorities experience on standardized tests like the ACT and SAT. We also hope that we can make the college admissions process much more transparent for students and families. We are able to fund our mission by having corporate sponsorships and advertising.
Q May I link to your site?
A Absolutely! Please share this site with anyone looking for high quality, free test preparation tools for the SAT, ACT and GED, and in need of guidance in test-taking strategy and the college admissions process. You can share through social media websites or visit the Contact page: at the bottom we have links and banners you can grab.
Q I am from the Press and would like to write an article about this site. Whom should I contact?
A Please contact site creator Brian Stewart at

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