List of Colleges and Universities that Superscore the ACT Test.

Superscoring the ACT is when you take the best subscores from multiple test dates (i.e the best English, best Math, best Reading and best Science) and take a NEW average for the composite score.  Are you wondering what colleges and universities superscore the ACT?  I was too, and I could not find a list that was up-to-date or accurate.  I found out this information from either contacting colleges via email or from each college’s website.  As of November, 2012, it is updated with schools that superscore the ACT.  If you know of any other schools I should add to this list, please email me at  Please check with a college to be certain on its particular policy, as this information is provided as a courtesy.  



College/University Name

If BLANK, they superscore the ACT.  If they do something different, the policy is clarified. 

Albion College


Amherst College


Babson College


Baylor University



If a student chooses to submit ACT scores, we look at the highest composite score and  highest scores in each subsection. 

Beloit College


Boston College


Boston University

The Board does not superscore the ACT; however, if you send in scores from multiple test dates, the Board of Admissions will consider the scores from each of the subcategories, noting the highest scores achieved for each.  For this reason, we encourage applicants to submit scores from all ACT test dates as well. 

Bowdoin College

Applicants also have the option to select some test types and not others for review (for example, a student might choose to include SAT Subject Test scores but not an SAT score). These choices are communicated via the Bowdoin Supplement.

Bowdoin will not review selected sections of an SAT or an ACT score (for example, just the Science portion of the ACT). If an applicant chooses to include scores for a specific test type, Bowdoin will review the complete score for that test type.

Brandeis University


Butler University


California Institute of Technology

When we review your application we have all of your test scores available to us. We will look at all of your scores, paying particular attention to the general pattern of scores and emphasizing the highest score for each individual exam.

California State University System

Does not include the University of California, but the other schools in the system. 

Colby College


College of Charleston

We do not superscore the ACT for scholarship purposes.  However, we do want all ACT scores to be sent to us so that if superscoring would help the student in the admissions process, we can determine that.

Colorado College

Yes, we do superscore the ACT and/or SAT (both by subject and overall score). 

Regarding our testing policy, we require that applicants submit either the SAT Reasoning Test or ACT test, or elect a third option (the Flexible Testing option) including three exams of the applicant’s choice chosen from a list of acceptable exams:


Three Flexible Testing Options

1. The College Board SAT Reasoning Test


2. The American College Testing (ACT) Assessment Test


3. Three exams of your choice, which must include at least one quantitative test from Category A, at least one verbal or writing test in Category B, and a third test of the student’s choice among those tests listed in Category C.


Connecticut College


Cornell University

We don’t necessarily calculate a new composite score, but we always utilize your best combination of scores – even if they are from different dates.

Denison University


DePauw University


Dickinson College

For the ACT, the composite score is given the most weight.

Drexel University


Duke University

For students who choose to submit the ACT with writing, Duke will consider the highest composite score and highest subscores on each section, regardless of test date, but will not recalculate the composite score. Students who take the ACT are not required to submit SAT or SAT Subject Test scores. 

Duquesne University


Eckerd College


Elon University


Florida Atlantic University


Florida State University


Georgia Tech

We use all three portions of the SAT and/or the three equivalent parts of the ACT, as outlined below. We do not use the ACT Composite score nor the Science or Reading score.

  • SAT Critical Reading = ACT English
  • SAT Math = ACT Math
  • SAT Writing = ACT Combined English/Writing

Only your highest section scores from either test will be viewed in the evaluation process. Additionally, your highest combination of scores may come from tests taken on different dates. For example, your high test scores may include SAT Critical Reading from March, ACT Math from October and ACT Combined English/Writing from December. Each time you submit new scores to us, we will update your record with your highest scores.

Gettysburg College


Hamilton College

Our applicants are best served by being provided with a variety of ways to meet our standardized test requirement.  They include:

  • The SAT Reasoning Test; OR
  • The American College Testing assessment test (ACT); OR
  • Three exams of your choice, which must include a quantitative test, a verbal or writing test, and a third test of student’s choice.  The following tests satisfy Hamilton’s quantitative and verbal/writing requirements:

Acceptable Quantitative Tests:  SAT Math; SAT Subject Tests in Math, Chemistry, or Physics; AP Computer Science, Chemistry, Economics, Math, or Physics; IB final exam results for Chemistry, Computing Studies, Economics, Math, Physics, or Physical and Chemical Systems

Acceptable Verbal/Writing Tests: SAT Critical Reading; SAT Writing; ACT Writing; AP English Language and Composition; IB final exam results for Language (A1, A2, or B English); TOEFL or IELTS (for International students ONLY)

Note:  It is Hamilton’s policy to select the testing options that will serve you best.  We strongly encourage you to submit all of your testing to Hamilton and we will choose the best scores for you. 


Harvey Mudd College


Haverford College


Hawaii Pacific University


Hendrix College


Hollins University


Indiana University Bloomington


Ithaca College


Kalamazoo College


Kenyon College


Kettering University


Lafayette College


Lawrence University


Loyola University in Maryland


Middlebury College



They do superscore the ACT.  To quote their admissions staff, “We will consider the ACT subsections over different test dates.”  All applicants must complete one test from each category:


  1. SAT or ACT with writing or TOEFL
  2. Math Level 1 or Math Level 2 
  3. Science SAT II Subject Test:  Biology, Chemistry or Physics


Millsaps College


NCAA Clearinghouse


New York University

We do not super-score the ACT, but we will see the individual subscores in addition to the overall composite. We can also see test scores from multiple test dates, so while your highest composite is ultimately what we will use to evaluate you, we can see whatever you send us.

Northeastern University


North Carolina State University


Olin College


Pepperdine University


Pomona College

Consistent with the ACT standards for acceptable use of ACT test scores, the admissions office will record the test date reflecting the highest composite score. We will consider all sittings and having all test scores from all dates permits the admissions deans further consideration of peak or higher sub-scores from other test dates as skill sets and performance are evaluated in our review process. Please be aware that Pomona requires a full testing history, so if you have taken any components of the SAT and the ACT, you are required to submit the results from all test dates.

Purdue University

If you submit multiple ACT tests that you have taken, we always take the highest score from each of the sections and we take the highest composite.

Regis University


Rhode Island School of Design

They do superscore although they do not refer to it as such. 

Rice University

Rice does not superscore the ACT. We only record the composite score. That being said, we do ask applicants to send all of their ACT test results. The reason for this is that we consider subscores in our admission committee discussions. If a student has received high subscores on any of the ACT tests they have taken, we will discuss those higher scores in our discussions. It is to the applicant’s advantage to submit all ACT test results.

Rochester Institute of Technology  

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology


Scripps College

We take the best overall composite score as the student’s “official” score and review all the subscores.

Spring Hill College


St. John’s University


Stanford University

For the ACT, we will focus on the highest Composite and the highest Combined English/Writing scores from all test sittings. We will also consider individual subscores.

Swarthmore College


Syracuse University


Trinity College


Trinity University


Tufts University


United States Naval Academy


University of Arkansas

For admission purposes we do superscore.  (Check with Arkansas with respect to scholarships). 

University of Chicago


University of Colorado – Boulder


University of Connecticut

We encourage students to take the SAT and/or ACT more than once. We will accept the highest scores from your combined test dates.

University of Dayton


University of Delaware


University of Denver


University of Georgia


University of Illinois 

We do what I like to call sub-super scoring where we take the highest overall composite and each highest individual scores even if it was on a lower composite exam. We will always use this to the students advantage. This is why we ask all scores to be sent to our office.

University of Louisiana – Lafayette

We only take the highest subscore from each test to determine your eligibility. 

University of Maryland


University of Mary Washington

We do not superscore the ACT, however we will see all of your scores.

University of Massachusetts, Amherst


University of North Carolina


University of North Texas

For admissions requirements, we do superscore. Now for scholarship requirements we do not.

University of Pittsburgh


University of Puget Sound

We consider the Composite, English, and Math sections of the ACT, and we do Superscore.

University of Rochester


University of South Florida


University of Tampa


University of Tennessee


University of Vermont


Valparaiso University


Vassar College 


Virginia Commonwealth Unviersity


Virginia Tech


Wake Forest University

Wake Forest will only consider the highest score in each category, regardless of when it was achieved. 

Washington University – St. Louis


Wellesley College

Does not superscore, but recommends that students submit all scores so that they may see best subscores.

Wesleyan University


Wheaton College


Williams College


Xavier University



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