You now have an alternative to a test preparation course, a private tutor or college admissions & test preparation books. We have guides, articles, resources and flashcards to help you with all of your college admissions and ACT, SAT and GED test preparation needs. Brian Stewart, the creator of this site, has worked with thousands of students over the years as a high school teacher, ACT & SAT tutor and educational consultant. Every one of these resources is designed to help you address common questions and needs that students and parents have about the college admissions and test preparation process.

Our Articles and Guides feature advice on extracurricular activities, ACT & SAT scoring and registration, test anxiety, ACT and SAT test-taking strategy and extensive information on how colleges and universities use the ACT and SAT in the admissions process. Our Flashcards will help you prepare for your major test by giving you the key grammar facts, vocabulary and math formulas you need to know for tests like the SAT and ACT. You can use the flashcards on your Iphone, IPad, tablet or computer.


Articles & Guides

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