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Welcome to the greatest free collection of College Application Essays available anywhere. We have over 1,500 essays that students successfully used to gain admission to a wide variety of schools – everything from Ivy League institutions to Community Colleges. We collected these essays through a heavily promoted year-long contest in which we awarded a $1000 scholarship to the College Application Essay Contest winner.

Some students are able to hire professional tutors and editors to help them write an ultra-polished essay. Some students even have their parents or someone else actually write the essays for them. Making all of these essays available to students across the world makes the college admissions process far more fair and transparent. What college admissions officers from a wide variety of colleges and universities want in a good essay should no longer be a mystery. Any student willing to work hard and write an authentic piece will be on the same level as someone who is using insider information or illicit help to gain an unfair advantage.

Use the collection to help you brainstorm essay topics — to bring out the best narrative as to why you are a great candidate for a college. Do not simply copy/paste or paraphrase one of these essays for your own application. Anyone has access to this college essay collection, including college admissions officers. We are not responsible for any plagiarism you may choose to do.

The essays are categorized alphabetically. Some essays gained students admission to multiple colleges, and they will be connected to the name of each college for which they were successful. Enjoy the collection, and best of luck in your college admissions journey!

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