Accelerated and Combined Programs for Medical School, Business School, Law School and Dental School

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With the cost of college and graduate school skyrocketing, students and parents are looking for ways to save time and money.  Many people are not aware that quite a few colleges and universities offer accelerated and combined Bachelors and Professional Degree Programs.  If you are confident of the professional path you with to take – law school, medical school, business school or dentistry school – doing one of these programs may be a fantastic option.  Not only will you save 1-2 years of college tuition, but you will avoid having to apply to Graduate School.  If you find the ACT and SAT stressful, imagine having to do all of the testing again in four years with the MCAT, GRE, LSAT or GMAT.  Admission to these programs is highly competitive – much more competitive than general admission to the universities that have them. 

Here are four excellent lists of colleges and universities that offer these programs.  Be sure you check with the individual colleges to be certain this information is up to date:


List of Colleges with Combined B.S. and M.D. Programs.


List of Colleges with Combined B.A. and M.B.A. Programs.


List of Colleges with Combined B.A. and J.D. Programs (Law School).


List of Colleges with Accelerated Dental Programs:

College Scholarship Strategy for Athletes

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If you are trying to decide what sport to focus on in high school, something you may consider is the possibility of earning significant scholarship dollars.  You may think this is only possible if you are a top recruit in football or basketball and are planning on going to a division one school.  As I have learned over the years, this is far from the case.  Colleges will find “academic” money for students if they will help contribute to the athletic program. 

What colleges do this?  Predominantly smaller Division 2 and Division 3 schools.  They want to field competitive teams, but they can’t offer athletic scholarships directly.  So, they routinely find ways to make it possible for athletes to secure half or more of their tuition through other means.  I have worked with dozens of students who have been applying for such scholarships over the years. 

How can you put yourself in a position to earn such scholarships?  Playing non-mainstream niche sports really helps.  Here are some of the big ones to think about that have opened doors for my students at small liberal-arts schools, many of them on the East Coast:

  • Lacrosse
  • Field Hockey
  • Crew
  • Squash
  • Rubgy

If you are excellent at a sport like one of these, there will be tons of small colleges that would love to have you as a student, and they will make it worth your while to do so. 

I hope you have found this article helpful.  If so, please share it with your friends.  Thanks, Brian Stewart

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