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My name is Brian Stewart, creator of  So why did I create this website?  Let me share with you about my background and how I accidentally became an educational entrepreneur. . .

After growing up in Zanesville, Ohio, I had the good fortune to go to college at Princeton University.  At Princeton, I majored in Philosophy.   My fellow philosophy majors considered an official department t-shirt that to read “would you like fries with that?” to advertise our likely job prospects, given the lack of real-world applications for our study.  Strangely enough, I have found that a philosophical approach — one that embraces examining the lens through which we view things — has been extraordinarily helpful as I help young men and women prepare for the ACT and SAT.

I taught high school Social Studies for 7 years at Dublin Jerome High School, teaching a variety of classes like AP World History, IB Philosophy, Theory of Knowledge, to name a few.  Before the summer after my first year of teaching, I thought I should get a part time job to make some extra money.  I was offered a job at a major test prep firm, but I thought that I could do better for my students and for myself by striking out on my own.

I sent a brief write up about myself to some area educators, and had my first ACT Tutoring session with a young lady at a local Panera.  With word of mouth as my only marketing tool, my business quickly expanded.  I found myself working as much with my tutoring business as I did with my full time job.  I did ACT and SAT classes for individuals and groups all over Central Ohio.  With each student and each class, I have become more knowledgeable about what works and what doesn’t in preparing students for the ACT and SAT.  I have truly enjoyed creating personalized strategies and developing my own materials to help students do their very best.  It gives me great satisfaction to see students who were previously terrified of these tests overcome their fears, and families who were concerned that they would never be able to afford college have scholarships open the door.

My wife and I were blessed with a son this past spring, and my school district allowed me to take paternity leave for the year.  This gave me time to explore being a full-time entrepreneur.  Having the freedom to spend more time with my family while continuing to develop my business and help thousands of students across the world was something I couldn’t pass up.

Which brings me to this site.  I now have the time to really develop into all that I dream it can be.  Most test prep websites have been created by business people who lack a significant educational background.  I come to this site with an educator’s perspective who accidentally found himself to be an entrepreneur.  You will find that the materials, resources and explanations to be second to none in their quality.  Although I have cutting-edge technology, I will not use it to mask inferior materials or instruction.

There is no reason that high quality ACT and SAT test prep should be available to an elite few.  If anyone is willing to put in some work, my site can help you improve your performance on these tests.  Thanks for reading.

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