List of 1000 SAT Vocabulary Words with Latin and Greek Roots

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This is a PDF document that you are welcome to download, link to, or print out with 1,000 of the most common SAT Vocab words.  Along with the words and definitions, the list provides Latin and Greek Roots along with the use of the words in a sentence.  These are the same words that are featured on the SAT Vocab Flashcards here on  I hope this helps you do well on the the SAT and PSAT tests!  Teachers and tutors are welcome to use this for their classes and tutoring sessions. 


SAT Vocabulary List



3 Quick Thoughts on the Coming Changes to the SAT in 2016

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1.  The SAT recognizes that the current system is not transparent and fair and they are taking measures to address it.  Why?  Many test prep companies acquire copies of previous SATs through the Question and Answer Service and make copies of them to administer to their students.  Also, many foreign websites illegally make copies of previously administered SATs and make them available.  Students who do not have the money or the knowledge to access these resources are currently at a disadvantage.  Making far more tests available should help level the playing field. 


2.  The parts of the SAT that I least enjoy teaching are the ones that are changing the most.  It’s nice to be able to tell a student that what he or she is learning to prepare for the SAT will help him or her in college and beyond.  I currently feel that when I teach the Math and the Reading Comprehension, I am teaching students skills that will give them lasting benefits.  When I am currently teaching the vocab, the essay and the grammar, I don’t have the same confidence.  I am glad to see that these areas will be significantly revised so that when I teach these parts of the test, I will be doing more than just “teaching to the test.” 


3.  There will be a significant need for new practice test material.  The Official SAT Study Guide in its current version will become obsolete.  Same with all the other major SAT prep books on the market.  Those who are able to quickly create lots of high quality practice materials will be in demand.  

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